Use Electronic Earplugs for Hearing Loss Prevention

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Today the world is all about heavy-construction environment and industrialization. Along with its positive impacts comes the negative too. A high noise ambiance leads to permanent hearing loss and other nervous ailments. Industry workers are the most affected lot, and in order to safeguard them multinational companies today are taking various measures in hearing loss prevention.

Hearing loss prevention would mean providing the employees or working staff with equipments that would allow them to hear the background sound, communicate with their fellow workers and yet suppress the excess noise that creates disturbance and hampers the auditory nerves. Most companies are resorting to hearing protection devices that help in enhancing the speech by suppressing the background noise. Using innovative HPD’s at work helps in eradicating Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL).

Eminent service providers of hearing protection equipments have introduced advanced earplugs and earmuffs. These devices guarantee you of speech clarity even under noise categories such as-

  • Impact – Explosion, gunshot and hammer

  • Intermittent – Heavy Vehicles, machinery and workshop

  • Continuous –Pumps, motors and compressor

Occupational hearing loss is caused in locales where there are heavy sounds and machinery work is being carried on. The industry sectors that fall under this are aviation, mining, construction, factories and go-downs and the like. The apt way to work under such heavy noise environments without getting affected is using an electronic earplug, with in-built Noise Suppression and Speech Enhancement technology that offers an overall communication solution. Other features of the new age earplugs include the following:-

  • Enables face to face communication, that makes you speak without any hindrance with anyone in vicinity

  • Covers a short range up to 50 meters

  • Provides an easy connection even in long distance

  • Provides the users with a two way radio or Bluetooth cell phone for communication

  • The electronic earplugs are able to adapt fast to any changing situation or background noise level, type or frequency.

Furthermore, the hearing protection devices have passed the standard industry hearing protection certifications in order to promise the user with better service and durability.  The devices provide 360 degrees binaural situational awareness, so that the user is completely aware of the surrounding he is in and of what is happening around him.

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Use Electronic Earplugs for Hearing Loss Prevention

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Use Electronic Earplugs for Hearing Loss Prevention

This article was published on 2011/08/19